5 Top Tips to Build a Loyal Following on Your Blog

Establish a Writing Plan

Good blogs are well planned. This may sound like a bit too much work or structure; however, people respond to structure. They like to know what to expect. And it’ll help you create more valuable and interesting content for your readers go enjoy.

So, what goes into a writing plan?

You’ll want to determine a blogging schedule. How many blog posts are you going to publish and when are you going to publish them? For example, will you publish one blog on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings? Or three posts a day? I personally love to post once per week on Monday’s.

It’s important to know that quantity does impact your traffic. It’s good to publish at least a post a week and preferably more. However, you also want to make sure that you’re not overwhelming your readers. Five posts a day may be too much.

The other consideration is how much content you can actually produce. It’s more important to focus on quality than quantity. If you can publish one or two great posts each week, then start there. You can always add more posts to your week once you develop systems.

Deciding What to Write About

The next component to consider is your blog post. What are you going to blog about? To create a loyal following, it’s essential that each post provide value to your audience. Think about your audience and ask yourself the following questions. (You might want to grab a pencil and paper and start jotting down blog post ideas as you go.)

  • What are their interests?
  • What motivates them?
  • How do they prefer to use information?
  • What challenges do they have?
  • What information do they like to collect, share, and respond to?

For example, a blog about nursing might talk about self-care as many nurses spend their time caring for others and set their own needs aside. Nurses may care about nursing career opportunities, how to overcome common nursing challenges like working nights, or they might prefer posts with a humorous angle.

You might also consider the format that your blog posts might take. For example, you might create checklists, worksheets, infographics, memes and cartoons, or written posts.

Finally, consider looking at other blogs in your industry. What do the bloggers write about and how can you offer something different while still offering value?

Conversational Writing

When you create blog posts, it’s important for each reader to feel like you’re talking to him or her directly. Write as if you are talking to a friend. Use the word “you” and “I” when you’re writing and embrace your personality as part of your posts.

Check out the different voice and writing styles between these two bloggers:



Keep It Fresh

In addition to making sure that your content provides value to your reader, it’s important to stay fresh and relevant. That can mean a variety of things. It can mean publishing different types of content. For example, you might publish a cartoon post on Monday and a video on Friday.

Keeping it fresh may also mean stirring up controversy by weighing in on current hot button topics. It might mean sharing industry news or talking about trends. Make sure that you stay on top of what your readers are interested in and provide content that supports them.

Involve Your Reader

Get your readers involved by giving them something to do. Invite them to comment. Ask them to share your content on social media. Give them the opportunity to email and/or print content that they want to keep.

Create and publish great content to gain and guide loyal followers. However, just because you have a blog, doesn’t mean that anyone is going to visit it. You have to spread the word and promote your blog. My customers have had success following my 30 Day Business Planner, it’s an easy guide to get what you need done.

Let’s look at that next.

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