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How To Build Your Blog & Create A Loyal Following

Build Your Blog And Leverage A Loyal Following

Blogging has changed dramatically. Today, bloggers can earn thousands of dollars each month by advertising, promoting, and selling on their blogs. They accomplish this by building a loyal following of readers who find their expertise and the information provided to be helpful. Then as part of the bloggers’ efforts to provide helpful information and solutions, they include items or options, from which the blogger profits when readers take specific actions.

5 Top Tips to Build a Loyal Following on Your Blog

Good blogs are well planned. This may sound like a bit too much work or structure; however, people respond to structure. They like to know what to expect. And it’ll help you create more valuable and interesting content for your readers go enjoy.

5 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Getting people to visit your blog is essential to building a following. And of course, to get traffic to your blog you need to write great content. Let’s look at a few ways to promote your blog and then we’ll look at how to turn your blog visitors into loyal readers and customers.

2 Key Ways To Get Your Visitors Back Again & Again

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It essentially means that people can subscribe to your blog posts. They can receive each new post you update in a reader, such as Feedly, or in their email box.

Wrapping It All Up

We’ve delivered a lot of information so let’s break it down into steps to make it more manageable. Consider creating a business plan or blog plan so that you have goals and a direction to follow. Use the following steps to help you create your blog plan and begin building and leveraging a loyal following.

Email Marketing to Build and Leverage a Loyal Following

It All Starts with Your Opt-In

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience and convert that following into profits. It’s a personal marketing tactic that helps you develop a potentially long term relationship with your followers.

Promoting Your Opt-In Offer

In order for people to sign up for your list, they have to know about your opt-in offer. They have to know that you’re giving away something wonderful. Sure, your blog or website will have your normal traffic and you can and should leverage that organic traffic into email sign ups. However, it’s also strongly recommended that you promote your opt-in. Here are a few ideas on how you might grab attention for your opt in and grow your list.

Email Marketing & Technology

When building your email list, there are many email or autoresponder programs from which to choose. At its core, an autoresponder is deigned to automate the email delivery process. Many autoresponders also help you create a sign-up form and manage the subscription process.

Best Practices for Creating Messages that Build A Following

Once you have your prospect’s email, it’s time to start building a relationship with them. They’ve given you permission to email them. Send them information that they’ll find valuable and start leveraging that relationship. Here are a few tips, suggestions, and best practices to consider.

Monetizing Your Email Messages for Profits

To make money from your email marketing, it’s important to have a plan and a strategic approach.

Email Marketing Wrap Up

Email marketing is powerful and effective. You are able to connect with your audience where they live, work, and surf. Each message that you send helps you build a loyal following, one that you can turn into profits.

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