We All Mess Up, Here’s What I’m Doing

We All Mess Up, Here’s What I’m Doing

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DangerousA Dare To Be A Dangerous Woman That I Missed

A few months ago Idelette McVicker issued a “Dare To Be A Dangerous Woman” dare. We were to pick one thing that would be our “mountain” and invited to overcome it finally. I was happy to join in, I love being challenged, I even wrote about it.

Here’s what she said…

“There was a dare on my heart while I paced the outskirts of the soccer field. Last night, we invited our local SheLovelys to a fundraiser and we called it, Dare to Be Dangerous. I knew we would give each woman a small felt heart, made with Love by women in Moldova. Women, who had been rescued out of human trafficking and were now beginning to live an empowered story.

I imagined holding the little felt heart in my hand and letting it speak to me of unfulfilled dreams. If I dared challenge other women, how will I challenge myself? What one dangerous thing would I dare to do?”

I even made a video about it… But I felt like I failed, messed up and totally missed the mark.

So here’s what I’m going to do about it all…

This definitely is not easy to share but I can tell you, there’s growth in taking notice.

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