Adam Gauer: How To Follow Your Destiny With Confidence

Adam Gauer: How To Follow Your Destiny With Confidence

We are just two people who have a passion for people who want to follow the dreams in their hearts. I invited Adam Gauer to be part of my online conference but I knew in my gut that I needed to speak with him before that.

The biggest reason why is because I’m personally on a life journey of finding myself after all the chaos in my life. It’s been a tough road to take but I am passionate and even obsessed with making my life count for eternity.

Listen to our conversation and we even share some of our favourite scriptures.  What an awesome day and kick start for my life and I hope for yours too.

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This truly is the exact things I am doing to get through the shock of watching my daughter fight for her life.

I am working on building my confidence, self esteem, strength, wisdom and most of all the unique reason that God placed me here on this earth for. He created me with the passion He put inside me and the path He is laying out for me.

It’s been a difficult yet exciting journey that has taken a lot of courage to actually get up, dust myself off and get going.

God’s plan for my life is far too big for me to live a simple small version of myself.

It’s time for a new DREAM. 

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