Cross Blog Conversation With Angela Wills: Welcome to Some Candid Chat On Setting Goals

Cross Blog Conversation With Angela Wills: Welcome to Some Candid Chat On Setting Goals


What is a Cross Blog Conversation? 

Basically we chat back and forth on our blogs 🙂

I first heard of a “cross blog conversation” when my girlfriend Kelly McCausey started doing it back in 2006-ish. Maybe I’m wrong and she did it before that but I can’t remember.

I always loved the idea but never did it, I was too busy having fun buying and selling blogs during those days.

It’s always been in the back of my mind as something fun to do so here we go.

I invited my lovely friend Angela Wills (who runs a pretty jam packed Website Design Bootcamp) to participate as we are both in goal setting mode for 2017.

We met online in 2004, Angela lives in Ontario and I live in British Columbia. We’ve met a couple of times, are great friends and  I even made her breakfast one morning and she said, “Vera, the eggs are pretty spicy”, we laughed because we discovered I gave her spicy ketchup to use… I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

It was a pretty funny moment.

Right now Angela and I both have a ton on our virtual plate so we decided on some simple rules.

There’s no pressure of time to get back to each other so we will just respond to one another when we get a moment. Plus this is going to be a very casual/candid conversation too, so feel free to grab a coffee and enjoy our little chats together. The main idea is to inspire you into new creative ideas for your own blog so you can reach more people with your message.

Angela and I plan to talk a lot about our goals, I hope it helps you too!

Let the cross blog conversations begin! 🙂

Hey there Angela, 

Aaahhhh Angela, I’m so happy we’re doing a cross blog conversation, I needed a little more fun in my life (lol).

Right now I’m getting ready to do some serious goal setting for next year. I’m also doing all I can to finish this year out strong. My goal to have my book finished and up on sale at Amazon was November 1st and I’ve missed the mark and feeling a bit discouraged but I shall keep pressing on. 

Your Life Counts Pre-Order

It also is taking a ton of courage to finish up the acknowledgements for the book since I’m realizing how personal writing a book really is. I just need to push through this one little part and I think I’ll be ok (lol). I do know I have to get ‘er done because I’ve already sold 5 pre-order copies now and I need to get it out the door.

[Note: Monday morning update – Last night I finished writing the acknowledgements, the book cover is being created and all that’s left is to self publish it. Yayyy!!!]

I’m not asking for any funding for this, I’m just trusting that the pieces will all come together as I need them as I have always done when it comes to biz stuff.  I will be self publishing the book and I’ve registered an ISBN # for it.

I plan to sell it everywhere I can including my blog and where the fees are low. I didn’t realize Amazon took such a high fee, crazy.

I’m also working on getting the book website up and running but I don’t see the WordPress option (you know the little blue smiley guy?) in my cpanel so that’s feeling like a huge fail (lol). I’ll get it soon enough, geesh-ka-bob.

I really need to get this completed, I just need to stop avoiding the end result and push through the uncertainty of it being something someone out there, would not only want to read but felt like it helped them even in the smallest of ways.

I’m super excited too because I am  having a graphic by Sunshine Ink Co. created for the book. It’s going to be so lovely! Something I can hang up on my wall and share for some giveaways here at the blog too.

What are you working on Angela?

Are you concentrating on finishing up goals you set for the end of this year? Or are you planning for next year yet?

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