Got Email? What Happened When I Became A True Fan

Got Email? What Happened When I Became A True Fan

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Your main goal is to get people to come to your website, to check you out, to explore your message, to be with you and what you stand for.

They also come because they want to improve a certain part of their life.

I’ll give you an example.

I love a certain Christian singer…. I discovered him through a mutual friend.

I am a true fan, he posted a live hangout (before there was a such thing as Google Hangouts) and I joined in to hear what he had to say, not sing, say.

I listen to his music on You Tube, I love his lyrics and I share him all the time with people who I think would get a kick out of him.

I also have a thing for cover bands, if I love a new song that’s out I always look up “cover” after the song title on You Tube so I can find a different version of the song.

Basically a cover band is someone who takes a song and sings it in their own way. They essentially “cover” the song.

I love it, why?

Mostly because with the power of the internet I can connect with and hear more from people who would otherwise be unknown “back in the day.”

Getting back to my singer guy, did I mention how much I love his music? yep love him.

So when I first discovered him the first thing I did was go to his website so I could find out more about him.

But the only thing I was presented a pretty splashy page just of his cd, with yes, links to Facebook, Myspace and you Tube but …

That sucked. Why?

I knew he was traveling all over Canada and if he was doing a local event, something easy I could get to, I wanted to sign up to his email list so I would stay “up to date” with his information.

I’m a true fan remember?

I not only love his music but I like to hear his thoughts on life, express what certain songs he’s created means to him and listen to all his videos on You Tube, and yes I have his CD.

But as a fan I wanted more, not just the connection to his Facebook Page, Twitter, etc. I want updates, thoughts, excitement, tour dates, specials, blog posts, behind the scenes, family life and on.

I’m not a big fan of many, but I’m a big fan of him.

I love his music, truly.

His voice to me is a cross between Justin Timberlake & Michael Buble.

More favourites, ya know? You like who you like.

What happened for me is LIFE got in the way of visiting all his social profiles. Mostly if I wanted to hear his music I went to You Tube and plunked in the songs that I liked.

As life went on for me I got very busy and kinda forgot about him.

And that is why email marketing is so gosh darn important.

If he had an email list way back when I would have had many of his updates directly to my email.

As a fan I would have easily clicked over to see his pictures, blog posts, hangouts, tour spot pictures, etc.

That is a no brainer because I love his music.

Do you see how important email is to those who are interested in your message? They want to hear from you, they want updates, pictures and all of your stories.

They want it personalized, they want behind the scenes, they want to know what you have to say.


Because you my friend take them on a beautiful journey in this life that betters them, period.

You bring fun, excitement, love, joy, happiness, deep stories but most of all connection.

We all desire and need connection with others.

It’s your job to bring them into connection with you & your core message.

This is not a “maybe I will get to it thing,” this is a “I gotta do this now thing.”

Every day you are missing the opportunity to connect with someone who truly needs you.

What you need to do ….

Sign up and get your email newsletter started and from there you will see me sharing ideas for where the right placements are for your web forms, what words entice people to sign up and from there seriously advanced strategies that I do and build every single day.

Getting back to my singing guy (I’m listening to his music now as I type).

I checked back just now to see what his website looks like today, I haven’t checked his site in years and you know what I found?

His sign up form for his newsletter, Yay!!!

His blog is amazing and I am excited to find out and catch up on all his updates.

I love his music, he’s Canadian, he’s a Christian and I love to support those who are like me, people who want to make the world a better place.

By the way, this blog post is also going out to my subscribers list that I have been building since 2004 😉

See how it works?

Build connection, love, support, joy, excitement and you will change someone’s life for the better.


PS. Want to get started with the email platform I use? Click here.




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