Bring My Simple & God Will Do The Work

Bring My Simple & God Will Do The Work

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I’ve been on this journey pursuing all that God wants from me for 4 years now. Since 2010 when I completely sold all of my domains & websites I have been on this path of wanting to bring my best for Him.

I jumped straight into the deep end of life and I’ve been swimming up to the surface ever since.  No kidding, this has made me question every part of who I am, seriously.

After watching my daughter in the battle of her life I knew everything would change and the idea of not relying on my own abilities and actually relying on God was completely foreign to me.

I questioned my abilities, gifts, skills and the core of who I am as a person.

The finances have been super duper lean, yes I’ve had some pretty good surges in income level but when it comes right down to it it’s been pretty wonky.

And that’s ok, really. 

I’ve learned how to live with less and be more. I’ve discovered what I value in this life, what’s important to me and mostly the example I am giving my kids.

(Who are still trying to figure out what I do for a living (lol!)

It’s ok, it’s all ok because I am coming out and rising up stronger than I could have imagined. I have been an entrepreneur since forever and now God is using me in completely new ways.

The other night I attended the Joel Osteen Night of Hope.  It was an amazing night with friends from church and a message that gave me a big light bulb to my brain.

First, I prayed and lifted up my life to God like never before. There’s something exciting about being with 8000 others who were doing the same.

After I got home and was winding down from such a fun time I realized something very special.

When it comes to God’s plan for our lives we just need to bring our simple.

I have some very exciting plans for my Your Life Counts site and have been working towards launching something new there.

I’ve been caught up in all the things I used to do, everything that I need in place and all that needs to be done.  Then the thought flashed in my mind, “Just bring your simple and God will do what He wants with it all.”

It’s His plans anyhow, not mine.

I think I finally get it! When I started thinking of the big dreams that I had for Your Life Counts I started complicating everything I was doing. It doesn’t have to be everything I want, it needs to be what God wants to see done.

So I can bring my simple and He can do the work. 

My simple pieces are now on track for something spectacular.

Here’s My Simple Pieces

My 500 WordsI joined this group and have committed myself to writing 500 words per day whether it be on a word document, my blogs, gratitude journal or simply downloading my brain. It’s an awesome group of people who are exploring writing and others who are seasoned writers. It’s free and I am enjoying the process of working there and being held accountable.

Exercise – I joined a lovely group of people who are all being trained by 2 amazing trainers that we know from church. I feel so encouraged to pursue health, wellness and exercise properly. I gained a lot of weight when my daughter was sick and I’m mending myself emotionally and physically from it all. It’s a great release and I’ll be sure to share more about it all here on the blog when I have some pictures.

What are you doing to improve your work?





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