Lumbala Strong Bootcamp: With Rolly Lumbala – BC Lions Football Player

Lumbala Strong Bootcamp: With Rolly Lumbala – BC Lions Football Player

Oh my word! Whoa!!!

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My First Class

So the other day I decided to do this.

I managed the first 15 minutes of warm up and had to break to catch my breathe and get composed and drink water, lots of it! As I took breaks through out the entire class I thought to myself, “oh my word what did I just get myself into?”

Serious thoughts (lol)

First Rookie Mistakes I Made

  1. drank a protein shake right before leaving for class
  2. took a vitamin B with it – this made me extremely nauseous
  3. didn’t get enough sleep (because I was too excited for class, go figure)

I literally did the first 15 minutes of the class and about the last 10. It was killer and there’s a reason it’s called “Beast Mode”

All I can say is, “whoa”

But the good thing is I wasn’t discouraged in any way at all and Rolly gave me lots of space to take the breaks I needed and I jumped in when and where I could. I got a total of 25 minutes accomplished out of the full hour.

All I can do from here is watch for all the little improvements.

The best part though was a hot shower and some super cold ice water once I got home.

Best Parts Of The Class

  • loud music
  • Rolly yells at us (encouraging stuff)
  • when we were done (lol)

Rolly also had us all say this loudly throughout the entire workout…

“Wednesday workday I am greater than my expectations”  — this rang in my head when I was encouraging myself to get back at it.

On my way home this song was playing on the radio…


Beautiful message!

Second Class

My second class, I managed 35 minutes out of the 60 minute class, that’s 10 more than last time. Today’s quote was “I am in victory and can do anything” or something like that, he tells us in the beginning of class and then I do my best to get through it as we go, it’s hard to yell loudly while you’re doing this stuff (lol)

Overall, I think it was a success, drank lots of water and jumped in where I could. Tiny improvements will get me there, I was thrilled to learn there was another lady in class who had lots tons of weight so that’s very inspirational too.

The Week Overall

So now that my first week is completed I’m excited about the possibilities although I can’t say I’m excited to be awake at 5am to get to bootcamp, I do know it’s a VERY positive step in my life. I can tell that I can push harder in each class and I’m not losing my breath as quickly, which is a good thing! I also love a challenge and that’s truly what drives me but it will feel great to be able to salsa better in the new year and wear pretty dresses (lol).

Our phrase for today was… “Adversity makes me stronger” — yes it does and I can truly relate to that. We have a good time together and I’m so thankful for these two lovely people, Jacquie McGee who is a Pastor at my church and who is also such a dear friend to me. I love how Mr. Rolly Lumbala, is pushing me forward & challenging me in new ways.


I don’t wait for anything, not Monday, not January, not anything. Finishing out this year strong with lots of abundance & momentum.


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