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Tips For A Successful Blog: What is Your Blog Missing?

By admin On August 9, 2011 No Comments

 Blogging is easy, right? 

Yes, for the most part, blogging is easy. However, on the way to achieving your blogging goals, there are mistakes many new and even experienced bloggers make.

You have a dream in your heart to share about your new blog , maybe you’ve started and have been stuck for a while.

Here are the most common mistakes to avoid for successful blogging.

#1 – Not publishing often enough or not publishing regularly

If you want to build a community around your blog, the key is to create content on a regular basis. People like to subscribe to their favorite blogs and make reading them part of their daily or weekly habit. If you’re not providing enough content to satisfy their habit, meaning at least one new post a week, then you’re likely going to lose readers. Additionally, more posts boosts search engine results.

Whether you post frequently or rarely is not as

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5 Tips To Energize Your Home Office

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When you work from home, it’s easy to fall into a rut.You get up in the morning, get your coffee, head to your office and start your day. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm for the day and lose a bit of energy and productivity.

The good news is that sometimes all it takes is a little change in your surroundings to re-energize.

Here are five tips to re-energize your home office and yourself.

1. Paint - Scientists have proven what many people have known for a long time: color has an effect on our mood, our energy and our productivity. Colors like blue and purple tend to lull us into a relaxed state while reds and yellows tend to make us feel a bit more energized and sometimes, depending on the hue, agitated. Paint your office a color that fits your needs. A change

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What’s Your Story? The Power of Storytelling

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Did you know that some of the most successful business owners and copywriters are exceptional storytellers? Advertising executives know this too. Story-telling is one of the most effective ways to influence a prospect.

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is the tactic of creating an image about your company. Officially, storytelling is “the conveying of events in words, images and sounds often by improvisation or embellishment.”

In the world of marketing, storytelling offers a number of advantages and opportunities.

1. Storytelling establishes a brand – Many of the world’s most popular brands were built on stories. Ford Motor Company for example, was built and still thrives on the story of Henry Ford. Think about the other stories that are connected to brands. They don’t just have to be about the founder of the company either. Many commercials are essentially thirty-second stories. They

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Super Fresh Ways To Generate New Blogging Content For Your Blog

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If you’re having trouble coming up with blogging ideas, here are six great ways to find inspiration.

1. Top of Digg and Reddit

Digg and Reddit are social news sites, where news articles are voted up and down by users rather than editors. In other words, it’s news rated by the people rather than a newspaper agency.

These sites are updated almost every minute, every day. It’s a great way to stay on top of current news, in the world or in specific industries.

Make sure you’re browsing the “News” subsection of these sites, or you’ll be exposed to a lot of strange and funny yet irrelevant things online.

Often times a great blog post comes in the form of writing about a current event. For example, Airbnb was launched when they did a press push linking their business with the Obama / McCain elections.

2. eBay

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