Be A Builder Not A Blogger

Be A Builder Not A Blogger

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There was this one day I was in the midst of a conversation with my dear friend Carolyn Arends, she made a comment that day, she said, “Vera, you’re a builder.”

The definition to build is, to establish, increase, or strengthen.

It’s true, I love to build things out online and work until I see some really serious results.  Here are some ways we can be a “builder” not a “blogger.”

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Do you have a hobby? and if so why? Why not create an income around what we’re doing?

  • You Need Your Foundation In Place
  • You Need Products to Sell
  • You Need An Audience
  • Email Subscribers With Segmented Lists

It does take some work to get it all set up but once your foundation is solid, you will grow like you’ve never imagined.

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