Awesomization Nation Review

Awesomization Nation Review

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The Awesomization Nation with Nicole Dean

Ahhhhhh Yesssss!!!!!! 


1. the power inside each of us to make our lives, our businesses, and
the world more awesome every day.

2. the amazing discovery that the act of DOING awesome things that makes
us feel awesome and helps us to truly become more awesome over time.

Every one of us will hit road blocks as we build our lives, my road block was a doozie and I am still working through it even today.

What the Awesomization Nation has done for me is brought the FUN and excitement BACK to being an entrepreneur. I’ve got “IT” back, it’s my drive, mojo, spark… whatever you wanna call it.

I’m baaacckkkk!!!!!!!! (in a really huge way)

Check out my video about it all…

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Here are just a few things I accomplished last year inside The Awesomization Nation.

  • I have re-connected with some of my best old internet friends
  • Created 6 new videos for my website
  • Wrote another chapter in my book which now makes 4 chapters written

My entrepreneurial spirit was seriously sparked!

I wonder what you could do too?

There’s something GREAT about being around people who are doing similar things to me AND who encourage each other like gangbusters!

We are over 500 strong now and growing like crazy. Every day we write down 3 awesome things we are doing personally, for our business and for the world.

Plus Nicole has some cool bonuses:

1. How to Create a Digital Vision Board – A report by Kelly
McCausey (normally $10)

2. Never Have a Bad Day Again – An amazing program by Rachel Rofe
(normally sold for $10)

We even have special Awesomization t-shirts that you can get to raise funds for St. Jude’s and No Kid Hungry.

Pretty awesome hey?

Check It Out Here

I am enjoying being inside this group to the max and I hope to see you there!

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PS. The doors close tomorrow.

PPS. Would you like to listen to a podcast that I did with Nicole back in 2009? It’s definitely one of my favourites that I’ve ever done 🙂




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