A Dare To Be Dangerous

A Dare To Be Dangerous

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Recently I wrote about writing a new love story where Jesus leads the way, to let us trust Him enough to allow the love to come through so we can share what’s inside our hearts.

Since then I was invited to a beautiful event hosted by Idelette McVicker from SheLovesMagazine.com. Idelette connected all the writers, editors, contributors and readers together and then issued us a dare for that night.


Vera Raposo Dare

Olive Chan

A dare that we would complete in the next 3 months. I instantly started thinking about doing an easy dare but that wouldn’t have been a real dare.

I created this video so you can hear about what BIG thing I’m creating and putting my heart into.

Something that I definitely do not feel qualified to do by any means and feel pretty shaky even discussing with my closest friends and family.

Here is Idelette’s personal dare… 

Idelette McVicker

Here’s my Personal Dare…

Dangerous Dollars


Listen to my dare and I’d like to dare you to join us here.

[s3vpp id=082d52ba9503f16effccabe8f0bad4d5]

For the next few months I will be carrying around my little gold bag so if you see me and would like to drop a coin or two, I’d love to pray &  share the journey with you.

Blessings to you! 

Vera Raposo Spring




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