15 Days To More Traffic Day #9 – Google Authorship for Rankings, Traffic and Conversions

15 Days To More Traffic Day #9 – Google Authorship for Rankings, Traffic and Conversions

Day #9: Google Authorship for Rankings, Traffic and Conversions

day9Google Authorship is a Google feature which allows you to display your photo, name and other information on Google’s search results.

Doing this has a few key benefits:

  • You stand out. Your listing is more prominent in the search engines, which means more clicks.
  • Improved rankings. One of the factors Google uses to determine the quality and relevance of a website is its click-through rate (CTR) on their search results. By adding your authorship, you’ll increase your CTR and thus improve your rankings.
  • Improved conversions. Google Authorship sets you up as an expert before readers even land on your site. That means higher trust, which often results in higher conversions.

So how do you setup Google Authorship?

Step 1) Create a Google+ Account

Create a Google+ account. Use your real name. Add at least one picture. The picture should be clean, clear and professional. This is the photo that Google will show on search engine results.

Step 2) Setup Your “Contributor” List

Fill out the “Contributor To” section of your Google+ profile. Google+ lets you have Google Authorship for not just websites you own, but any other websites you write for. That includes “information hubs” like Huffington Post, as well as guest posts that you write for other people’s websites.

Add all the sites that you write for to this section. Any time you publish an article on a site that’s not on the list, make sure to come back to the list and add the site. Do this every time you write a guest post for someone else.

Step 3) Link From Your Content to Google+

Now, go to your content page. Link to your Google+ profile from your content, adding “?rel=author” to the end of your profile link. For example:

<a href=”https://plus.google.com/109412257237874861202? rel=author”>Google</a>

Replace the URL above with your actual Google+ ID and the author name with your name.

This link can be added above the title, where your author byline is. Alternatively, you can link to Google+ at the bottom of the article instead.

Repeat this process for every article you publish.

Did It Work?

After you’ve setup Google Authorship, you might be wondering: did it work? Google can take days or weeks to update, so just doing a search isn’t the best approach. Instead, Google has a tool you can use to detect what your “rich snippets” (name, picture, etc.) look like in the search results. Use this testing tool to determine if your authorship was setup correctly:


Making This Process Easy

The easiest way to manage this whole process is through plugins. Both WordPress and Joomla have plugins that make this process simple. Once the plugin is installed, all you need to do is set it up once and it’ll handle the process for all the posts on your site.

In the next lesson we’ll be talking about Google’s “In-Depth Articles” section – a great way to boost both your exposure and traffic.

Your Traffic Assignment:

I bet you know what today’s assignment is. That’s right, set up your Google+ account and complete your authorship information.

Add a plugin to WordPress to help automate adding the code to each post. If you don’t use WP, add the code to your most popular posts or pages.

Once it’s set up, check the rich snippets link to see that it is working properly.

Continue adding this code with each new post you make & when time allows, add it to some of your older posts as well.

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