15 Days To More Traffic – Day #3: Drive Traffic by Piggybacking on Trending Topics

15 Days To More Traffic – Day #3: Drive Traffic by Piggybacking on Trending Topics

Day #3: Drive Traffic by Piggybacking on Trending Topics

day3Follow the traffic challenge here: 

How do you write content that other people want to read? More importantly, how do you write content that other people want to share, link to, and tell their friends about?

The answer: figure out what they’re already talking about and piggy back on it.

Top TV show hosts like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres do this brilliantly. They wait for inspiring stories to take off on Reddit or YouTube and then they invite that person on to the show. For example, a video of a funny baby takes off on YouTube and generates 20 thousand views. Ellen invites the parents and the baby to come and talk about their experience. And then gives them a $10,000 vacation. The video clip in turn gets millions of views – because people were already talking about that baby, and Ellen becomes a part of that conversation.

You can leverage the same principle in your business. By piggybacking on an existing popular topic, you can virtually guarantee that people want to read and talk about your content. This works not just with YouTube videos, but with businesses of all types.

How to Find Popular and Trending Topics

So how do you find out what topics people are interested in? By using trend research tools. Here are a few fantastic tools to try out:

Topsy.com – Topsy allows you to research the most popular tweets, photos, images, videos, links and influencers in your industry. I’d like to focus you on monitoring tweets. All you need to do is type in a keyword that’s relevant to your business. You can see which related topics have generated the most retweets and the most @replies. Those are probably the topics you want to focus on.
SocialCrawlytics.com – Social Crawlytics is like having a Google spider bot at your beck and call. To use Social Crawlytics, all you need to do is tell them who you want to report on. Then, their robots will crawl that personís website, blog posts and social media posts and generate a report. That report will tell you exactly which posts have gotten the most comments, shares and engagement. You can easily find the most popular topics that other websites in your market have written about, and put your own spin on that topic.

Reddit.com – Do a search on Reddit and see what the trending posts in your topic are. Reddit is generally very quick to post breaking news, or controversial stories. My daughter who is 22 is always on Reddit! (lol) Once you’ve found out what content is trending and popular, try to get something out fast. If you’re talking about timely topics, it often pays to be first. Yes, proofread it yourself but you might be better off not having someone else proofread; and instead just posting it. Using this strategy, you’ll be able to tie into existing interest and generate more traffic for your website as a result. This kind of content naturally gets more shares, links and eyeballs.

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about how to promote your content once it’s written. Weíll talk about social media, email and more!

Your Traffic Assignment:

Using the resources above, locate the top 5 trending topics related to your topic and determine how best to piggyback on them. Follow through with actually creating the piggyback pieces.



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