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"The Happy Factor" 30 Day Happiness Challenge
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Are you a glass half full or half empty person? This is a great example to illustrate that there are often two sides to any story and that you have a choice in how you view things. And that choice in turn determines how happy you feel. Happiness then becomes a choice you make every single day. You can choose to see the glass as half empty, focus on the fact that you’re almost done drinking that nice glass of ice tea. With that attitude, you’re...
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I have been the recipient of an unimaginable love. I know what it is like to feel that God considers me precious in His sight. He held back nothing, even His own child, to gain access to my heart again. When my concern for the life of my own child nearly broke me in two, God tenderly caught my tears in His hands and healed me everywhere I hurt. He didn’t ask for my child, but protected her life – for me. In return for such an unfathomable and...
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Your Life Counts Book: A Faithful Prayer
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This is actual email correspondence from the night before my daughter’s stem cell transplant. I emailed my Pastor as I was sitting on the chair that opened up to a bed inside the hospital room with my daughter. I couldn’t cry because I would wake my daughter up and I didn’t want to upset the parents by talking in the lounge. We prayed many prayers during the entire journey but this one is extra special to me. It was also a very distinct moment...
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Vera Talks

This is just me and you so get cozy and get ready because I’m going to teach you how to start and grow your online business, essentially how to get paid for what you know how to do and do it all online. How it used to be done is you would get a JOB, or start a business (I realized that wasn’t my dream), it’s my belief that everything has shifted in a HUGE way. The Best Part Is You Will Have: – freedom to enjoy the creative...
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I spoke with Nicole Dean about her online business back in 2004 and what it looks like today. Inside our interview she pinpoints a moment when my tone of voice changed, “Vera it’s like a light turned on in your soul”  We talk about the old social media before all the cool kid stuff today and full on doing what we love and how you...
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JR Larose

JR Larose is a retired football player from the BC Lions who now inspires us to do whatever it takes to live your dreams. He talks about how his faith in God helped keep him focused, who his biggest mentor was in his life and what to do when you have set backs. He said, “Your life is like a book, do you want that chapter...
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Kristen Joy

I spoke with the lovely Kristen Joy who is “The Book Ninja“ who talks to us about why people get stuck, a quick way to get our book done and she has a handy dandy checklist that will help you get your book out and making money. Some Interesting Things I Learned: If you’ve written over 4000...
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serious 2
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In this video I share how I felt when I had my retail stores and how I switched to a full-time online business. I pinpoint the exact thoughts I had when I knew it was time to take it seriously. You can create digital downloads, someone can sponsor your podcast, you can create courses and membership sites. videojs('#vpp_video_30', { "techOrder":...
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    "The Happy Factor" 30 Day Happiness Challenge

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    avatarVera Raposo is like the bones in our SheLoves magazine body. She brought the technical framework–the very “bones” to our creative idea. Without her, we might still be just an idea. Vera listened and said, “Let’s do it!” Then she laughed, because she already had a vision of how far and high we could go. Now, whenever we reach a goal, she reminds me that this is still just the beginning and sets the barre higher. I love that. I have appreciated working with Vera every step of the way. She is savvy and enthusiastic; reliable and resourceful. Vera has the ability to run with a vision. She is a beautiful and savvy gift to SheLoves and to me.

    Idelette McVicker
    She Loves Magazine
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    Hi! I’m Vera Raposo and I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a child. I have owned several businesses and currently love having my business online since 2004. I love helping entrepreneurs connect the dots with their passion.

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