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Recent Posts

Welcome To My Office: A Kitten, A Review, Canadian Blood Services & The Ocean Which Always Resets My Soul

By vera On April 20, 2014 No Comments


Started the week taking this picture for my profile on Facebook, I guess it represents my work, my life and all that I am working on to accomplish.


Helloooooo Monday morning! I was treated to sit beside two elderly men who were trying to remember a song. There they sat visiting and singing, it made for a nice start to my week.


I spend every Monday night at church taking notes and adding to the Facebook page for Faith Works. I’m planning to do better and treat it more like a job, last night we learned about how we need to be faithful with the little things. It’s in the small that matters, it’s the small that builds and shows your character.

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The Little Guy …

By vera On April 16, 2014 No Comments

I will always care about the one getting started.

The person who we call “small business.”

The little guy.

The one where it will make the most difference.

The person who will appreciate me.

The ones who are making a REAL difference in this world.

The ones who get knocked out by the Big Box stores.

The people who encourage others.

Lift them up.

Those who care about the needs of you before the dollar.

I look for people like that.

I supported these people when they were just the little guy, you should hear their start up stories.

Being an entrepreneur is life changing.


PS. I have more business books coming around to give away. :) Hugs!!!

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Niche Success Blueprint Review With Lynn Terry

By vera On April 14, 2014 No Comments

My Review of Lynn Terry’s Niche Success Blueprint

Want to be able to do this???

Then you just need to do this ;)


Please meet my current business coach and friend … Lynn Terry. I’m following this main course from her all about online business.

This year marks 10 years in online business for me (not counting my eBay days from 1997 – 2004).

Going forward I plan to master affiliate marketing to “super affiliate level” very soon.

lynnterryWhat can I say about Lynn? 

Besides being the *best* I know about affiliate marketing, she practices what she preaches.

For years she has spent her life creating websites based around different and unique niches and never taught it fully like this before.

Lynn Terry is a “Super Affiliate” which basically means that she makes the top

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Welcome To My Office: A Week of Doctor’s Appointments & Hospital Visits

By vera On April 12, 2014 2 Comments



My week started at home, this was at around 4am.


I wasn’t driving, I was sitting in a parking lot waiting :)


If you see me tapping on my phone while I’m at church, I’m working on something, I will never work on Sunday though, this was a Monday :)


Wednesday mornings at church for Relate Women are sometimes harder for me to get to. First because it’s more about taking time for myself and second if I have work to do then I tend to opt out of going to this. I’m so glad I

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Interview with Lisa Nelson – Graphic Recording

By vera On April 11, 2014 No Comments


lisanelsonI met Lisa online and literally found her on a Google Alert that I had set up a year prior. I just love the power of the internet and how things all work. She’s living her life doing a business that she loves, I’m honoured to share her with you today.

You have such a creative biz and that’s why I was so interested in what you do. How did you start?

I started my full-service graphic recording business in January 2012, when I launched seeincolors.com. I learned about this exciting and creative field by accident while watching a Youtube video.

I say it was by accident because the video was not about graphic recording.

I was just leisurely watching videos one day about natural hair care. To my surprise, the woman in the video

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Welcome To My Office: Sharing My Work From Home Spots Around Town

By vera On April 9, 2014 No Comments

welcomeThis was inspired by a dear friend of mine Al Lamons, we were laughing because of the different spots I “do business” It’s the same for him too, he’s an entrepreneur and works from all sorts of places around town …  especially from the phone.

It’s even been a goal of mine to see how much I can get done over the phone VS. lugging my laptop around town with me.


Here’s a picture of my little baby office at home, about a year or so ago I stepped into a physical office space that I leased, I couldn’t stand it. I had some beautiful custom furniture created and that lasted all about 8 months.

It was far too lonely.

So now I do my work from all over the place … the old

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My Time With Fabienne Fredrickson: This Is The Part Where I Was Going To Give up

By vera On April 7, 2014 No Comments


Please meet Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson from Client Attraction Business School. I have been inside the world of internet marketing since 2004 and came across this lovely couple.

I’m sure this will surprise a lot of my online biz buddies because I kept quiet about all of this, I’ll share why later.

When I found Fabienne online I was surprised that I had never heard of her before within my own circles. I started watching her You Tube Channel and found a lot of myself within her stories.

When I was an entrepreneur at age 20 I had absolutely no fear. I managed to open a few stores and purchased 2 with cash.

yes, cash.

My online path has been just as fearless.

I managed to create a presence that brought me crazy amounts of affiliate commission and income from a wide variety of

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This Is What Changed Everything For Me

By vera On April 1, 2014 No Comments

bullseyeOn the road of starting over I have been extremely clear that I didn’t want to work on anything that wouldn’t glorify God & have me working on my mission in this life.

I put everything on hold and kinda ran away from my “entrepreneurial” history.

I mean, how could God use that?

But what I realize is that I do hold a very unique perspective, here at 39 years old I am still an entrepreneur.

Sure I started another site a year ago that I thought was going to be my “online business type site” but it wasn’t completely sitting right with me.

I had to explore and share from my heart and that brand (Your Creative Biz) didn’t allow me to do so in a real, genuine kind of way.

Here I can just be Vera Raposo, love my writing or not, it’s

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Stu McLaren On Making A Solid Income Online

By vera On March 24, 2014 No Comments

Stu McLaren

Stu McLaren Is Changing Lives

I think it was back in about 2008 when I met Stu McLaren at a local seminar here in Vancouver. There are certain people who you just know absolutely LOVE what they do and Stu is one of them.

Stu has done some amazing things not only for his family but to touch the lives of many on this planet. Please read on to see how this will help you with your online business but also inspire you to reach out to others.

I’m very blessed to have a friendship with Stu and he’s a fellow Canadian! :)

Stu Mclaren and Vera Raposo

Ha! I found this old pic of Stu and I together in 2008 :)

I interviewed Stu on creating membership sites

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How To Re-Focus When You Get Off Track

By vera On March 17, 2014 No Comments


I’ve been off track lately …

After having a business online for 10 years this year (17 if you count my eBay years when I had my stores) I can’t tell you how darn important it is to truly have passion for what you do.

When I was younger I could have passion for almost anything especially if it was making money.

But life is so different for me now, I see things from a completely new perspective.

First off I see my life as not my own, it’s God’s and I will walk into and do what he is calling me to do.  I did a brilliant case study with my lovely friend Lynn Terry.

She is a rock star online biz super affiliate super woman.

She’s a no-nonsense, zero “flash’ — get ‘er done kinda lady and she is my friend

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